Output1: Need Analyse Research

In this research, the accessibility and demand of certification will be studied in Turkey and Bulgaria with sample of 24-50 years old among adults. Research results will be used as preliminary base for others outcomes of the projects.
Project will begin with a “Need Analyse” to find out awareness of RPL and RPL certificate providers. In partners’ countries certification of prior learning sytem is already set up but its very important to know the range of usage and accessibility is very curriacial to begin with.

First output is available now

Our project partner REDVET has finalized first output of the project which is a need analyze in order to research accessibility to RPL service providers. This report is fundamental paper for next coming outputs and events within the project
Report reveals the accessibility problems on demand side and supply side. Research data was collected from Bulgaria and Turkey. Research was conducted by Turkish partner REDVET with contribution of Bulgarian partner Zgura-M. Report also gives comparative analyses on reaching RPL certificate providers and needs of providers to enlarge their service.

This unique survey report is the first academical study in relevant field in Turkey and Bulgaria. We hope that the results and information given in the report will be important source for other academical studies and for policy papers.

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Output2: RPL Web-Portal

The website will serve to candidates how and where to get certificate. Web-portal with database will be developed including procedure, process, forms, guidance materials, evaluation forms. Providers will be registered and they will be able to upload their documents for portfolio, they can have pretest, self evaluation test, and they will be able to trace their application.
Results of other outputs will be embedded on web-portal. Audio visual tools and user-friendly methodologies will be used in design. Simple is best approach will be utilized.
RPL web-portal and its content together will be first holistic approach for adults who are in need of having certificate. Moreover all training activities are planned comprehensively from the up to bottom of implementation, from organization level to practice level.http://en.belgeal.net

Output3: RPL Guide

When thought candidates level of education and the complexity of RPL system, It is clear that a user friendly guide is very important for adults. The procedure, process, forms, guidance materials, transition to tertiary level, evaluation forms and methodologies will be developed with EU partners’ staff support
Guide will be developed mainly for the qualification on level 1-4, but it is also appealing all levels.

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Output4: RPL Guide Videos

3 RPL video graphics will be developed informing RPL applicant from starting level to handling. All videos last 2 minutes in Turkish and with subtitles in 3 other languages.
Target groups will be motivated to get certificate and it will be shown options on where and how to get certification.

You will reach more about outputs of the project when developed.

Advantages of the recognition of prior non-formal and informal learning (RPL) to the individual

The process of RPL from the applicant’s view

Evaluation in RPL